Safety and Security

By Kyle Morse


August 12, 2021

Pet Safety and Security is vital to the experience of our pet care services.

Our staff ensure to lock all points of entry from which we came prior to departure.

I always recommend to have and maintain a secure method of entry – whether it’s by use of a key for a door handle and deadbolt, an electronic touch keypad for the deadbolt, a garage code clicker, or a garage code electric touch keypad.

Of course, if a member of the household is home while we make a visit for you, we can either knock on the door first, enter on our own, or continue to use the same method of entry required. Regardless, I recommend that you choose a method which you feel most comfortable having us enter with. It’s your preference whichever method of entry our staff use.

I personally enjoy the keyless entry methods, which help to ensure we don’t have to handle key transfers.

Security of the property is vital. When making pet visits, and if it’s easy to briefly check, I like to scan any potential back entry or windows to see if they’re open. It just goes that extra distance to make sure everything is secure before checking out of the visit.

Having cameras in or on the exterior of the home is something that is totally dependent upon the person and their lifestyle. I don’t know that I can recommend cameras or not recommend them. It truly is a personal choice.

While out on walks with the dog or cat, we’ll ensure to have a tight grip on their leash, and keep an eye out for any situations that may be arise along the course of the walking route. Dog behaviors along with potential neighborhood factors outside are great to know too.

If you ever have any questions about the safety and security of the home, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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