Cold Weather Pet Care

By Kyle Morse


November 16, 2021

We’re available for all weather conditions when looking after our clients. However, the cold weather months are particularly more intensive than warm weather months when it comes to caring for your dogs.

fWeather conditions are something that all pet owners should take into consideration. As a professional pet care company, us dog walkers kind of always have to be watching weather patterns, don’t we?

I tend to follow the weather more closely in winter months. Sure, extreme weather conditions occur in summer but warm weather doesn’t concern me as much as cold weather. Snow. Ice. Black Ice. Freezing water. All conditions are present in winter and it’s best to be on your toes, for your dog’s sake.nnDepending on the location, I recommend utilizing dog shoes. That means: coverings for your dog’s paws.

When out with your dog on a walk, there are a few things you can do to ensure they stay warm:

    1. Have them wear a coat/sweater/body covering
    2. Have them wear dog shoes/booties/paw covering
    3. Keep them moving and exercising
    4. Make sure they stay out of water (puddles, standing water) as it will make them colder

When back at the home – dogs will instinctively go to a warm spot to relax and raise their body temperature. Whether that’s in a snuggle position with you, is up to you. It could be near a heater, near baseboard heating, the direct air vent in the floors, or a fireplace. A blanket situation is also nice depending on their temperament.

The key is to monitor them. Ensure they’re being safe and are as comfortable as can be.

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